The Oyster Province

Tasmanian Native Oyster Producer

The Oyster Province is a Tasmanian producer of high quality native Angasi Oysters, selling small commercial quantities of premium quality angasi and Pacific oysters.

The Native Angasi Oyster a rarity within the seafood industry, only a handful of Australian marine farms growing them due to the challenge to culture as they are so fragile.

Through years of experimentation, and using outside-the-square thinking, The Oyster Province have designed equipment to produce premium quality oysters in deep waters.

Developing a new oyster growing aquaculture system and techniques has provided a perfect mix of environments for this native species, and a successful commercial business for The Oyster Province.

A website to showcase the Angasi

The Oyster Province team wanted to let the world know about the Angasi Oyster and the aquaculture systems which they have developed, and required a website to get their message out there.

“The native Angasi Oyster is rarely farmed, and we wanted a website which we could use to showcase our business”

The Oyster Province team wanted to be hands-on in the creation of their website, loading and managing their own content and photos on their website. We set-up a platform and provided training and support to allow them to do just that.

Visit The Oyster Province website and learn all about our Native Angasi. You are sure to start seeing these little beauties popping up in top-end restaurants over the next few years.