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Website Design for Small Business

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The Net Girl is your partner in getting your message out to the world.

Tailored website design for small business.


Our mission is to help small businesses create a unique online presence,
whilst providing support and insight that is second to none.

No matter the status of your current website, we can assist.

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Other services we offer

Content Writing

Struggling to get your words out?

We can create content for your website, blog post or newsletter. 


We can assist you in crafting the content, setting-up and even sending out your newsletters

Graphic Design

Logos, pamphlets, social media posts, you name it.

If it involves design, we are all over it.

Social Media Platforms

Ready to get your business across multiple channels?

We can get you started on Facebook and Instagram

Why does your business NEED a website?



Sing it from the roof-tops! Your website is your NUMBER ONE platform for getting your product or service in front of customers.


An impressive website with photos, customer reviews and solid information provides customers with the details they need in order for them to purchase.


If your customers can’t find you, how can they see what you have to offer? ….and if they can’t find you…..guess where they will end up? With your competition.


If you don’t have an online sales channel, you are behind your competitors who are! Don’t stay hidden! Get your business out there!


Your website is like a business partner who never sleeps, providing customers with a channel that is accessible day and night.


The Net Girl is your partner in getting your business out to the world!

We take the time to really understand your business.

Each and every business is unique. Website design should never be ‘out-of-the-box’ or templated.

We strive to design tailored websites that hit the mark, focus on your target market, and showcase your products and services by understanding your business, your mission and what makes your business tick. We want to learn where you are at now, and where your business is heading. What is your vision? What are your unique selling points? What is it that you offer your customers that makes you different to everyone else?

We take the time to explore and learn so that your new website allows your business to stand out from the pack.


We make the design process easy!

Perhaps you are yet to take the leap and have been holding off because building a website seems too hard, confusing or time-consuming?

Why hold off, when it’s an easy process with The Net Girl. We cut out the frustration, and work with you to create the website you need to make an impact on your customers, and have some fun along the way.

Our clients range from people who are unsure as to what they need or want from a website, through to clients who may have designed a website before. Our client list is akin to a box of Liquorice All Sorts, from the tech-savvy through to the old-school types, who are still familiarising themselves with the interwebs, we love and support each and every one of you as much or as little as you need.

It’s always your choice!

Every business is at a different stage of maturity. There is one thing, however, that runs true with any business whether you are just starting up, or have been in business for a number of years…. there are always one hundred million things on your to-do list. Often as a business owner, you must focus on what is screaming the loudest, and maybe that is not always the most beneficial to your business. It’s a game of putting out spot-fires, and it’s hard to know where to start and what to tackle first.

Getting through that to-do list requires attention and effort, not to mention a significant amount of time, and isn’t that the one thing you don’t have at the moment? When you do engage a business, you want the support when and where you really need it. Well, that’s what we do best. We strive to understand you and your business. You choose how much input and involvement you want in the build of your website, how much you want done now, and what can be left until later.

Think of us as your online-platform partner, your go-to people, your Super-Hero for all things ‘online’. We embrace, support and encourage individuality and some left of centre thinking.

Just throw things our direction and we’ll not only sort them for you, we will make them shine!  We can start your website project from scratch, re-create an existing website, or even keep your existing website updated. It’s all up to you. Want to fling a whole project at us? We are ready to catch it and bring it to life for you. Prefer us to get the ball rolling and you’ll do the rest? No problem!

Just call us on 0431 663 414email us or use our contact form to discuss your business with us. Heck, we’ll even receive messages via carrier pigeon, even if this method is a little slow, dated and arrives hungry.


100% Australian. We do not outsource and we are ALWAYS happy to help you in any way that we can!


We design so that your business has a unique web presence and ensures you stand out from the rest.


Update your site and content easily. Don’t get locked into expensive contracts for site maintenance.


Your customers are on the move. Your site will be accessible on tablets and mobiles so that no matter the device, your customers can access your website.

Explore Our Website Design Projects

The Oyster Province

The Oyster Province is a Tasmanian producer of high quality Native Angasi Oysters

The Net Girl - N'able'd


Support Network for members of the community living with disability.

The Net Girl - GutterGuardGuy


Specialists in Alluminium Guttermesh supply and installation.

The Net Girl - Minx & Co CCTV

Minx & Co CCTV

Fully licenced CCTV Installation Specialists.

The Net Girl - Select Access

Select Access

Select Access is one of Victoria’s top sources for scaffolding, building project management and skilled labour experts. 

The Net Girl - Kilmore Osteopathy

Kilmore Osteopathy

Kilmore Osteopathy specialises in treating back pain, headaches, hip pain, shoulder pain, knees and other musculoskeletal conditions.

AiLove Paws

Produces healthy and natural dog and cat treats

The Net Girl - Stretch Me

Stretch Me

A new initiative focused on getting employees stretching in the workplace

Summerland Floral

Boutique Floral Studio creating stunning and unique arrangements

The Cake Alchemist

Speciality Cakes and delicious cafe in Balwyn, Victoria

Beauty is Life

Mobile Massage specialist

AiLove Food

Catering and Cake Specialists that aim to please with their gastronomic delights

Feedback from Our Clients

Don’t just take it from us! Hear what our clients have to say!

“The Oyster Province would happily highly recommend Kellie at The Net Girl, to anyone interested in promoting their business online.

We asked Kellie to assist us to develop a website for our oyster growing business. She listened to what we wanted to achieve and took the time to explore how we wanted to present the site.

Kellie had amazing insight into our business and contributed appealing design ideas which were pivotal to how the website appeared, her support empowered us to put our individual stamp on the design and enabled us to have complete control of ongoing editing to keep the site updated. It was a delight working with Kellie.”

Yvonne Young

Director, The Oyster Province

“How grateful I am to have had Kellie referred to me through word of mouth to design my website. From the beginning, Kellie was very organised, practical and so friendly and eager to help.

Within a matter of days, she had completely assessed my needs and aesthetic and I was blown away by how instantly she picked up on what I was going for.

The end result was easy to use, elegant and exactly what I wanted. I have recommended her to many people already. Thank you Kellie for being a website creation dream come true.”

Zora Collyer

Floral Creatrix, Summerland Floral

“Thank you for my beautiful new website, Kellie!

Since the launch of the website, the number of visitors has jumped 400% and I receive plenty of compliments on the quality, simplicity and professional look of the website. It sets us apart from all the other cake shops that look like they were built on a whim in an hour and gives our brand legitimacy and credibility.

The Cake Alchemist has a complex philosophy around its products and the services it wants to provide to customers. Kellie patiently heard all my ideas, requirements and concepts and proceeded to simplify them in the context of a website without losing any of the brand’s unique individuality.

Her extensive IT experience across industries allows her the rare insight into a customer’s mind allowing her to translate ideas into practical solutions.

She can not only design a beautiful website, she also ensures that it is built on a solid foundation so you won’t suddenly find your website unresponsive or pages not loading. You do not have to be a techie, leave that to her.

Kellie is extremely professional, she will ask you plenty of questions, set your expectations and deliver on time. I have had the pleasure of working with her, both as a colleague and as a customer.

She is, without a doubt, the best website designer I have worked with. Highly recommended!!!”

Ganga Keshav

Owner, The Cake Alchemist

So, you are thinking it's time your business had a website?

If you are a small business owner, then consider this….

In 2020, is a business without a website really a business?

The reality is that most people these days expect a business to have an online presence. Customers want all the important information about your product or service at their fingertips. They want to understand what you offer, what makes you better, how that can benefit them, and how it has benefited others. Only then will they trust you enough to get in touch. Find out how we can help you build that trust. 

First impressions count

If you already have a website, does your website design really showcase your business? Are you proud of the story that your website tells? No? If you’re not happy with the message your website sends, imagine the first impression you’re leaving on potential customers! Talk to us about a website revamp.

Customer is king.  Convenience is the key to the kingdom.

The world is rapidly changing, with the traditional 9-5 workday becoming increasingly rare. Where traditionally, customers were forced to fit in with the operating hours of business, the internet has well and truly shifted the power into the hands of the customer. They expect you to be available when they have time to contact you, and they expect this experience to be quick, seamless and, more importantly, painless. If you’re unable to provide this level of convenience, you’re not even in the stadium, let alone in the game. Want to bring your ‘A game’? Let us help you.

Read our Top 10 Reasons why you need a website!

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Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, and what you really want.

It may feel like you are launching yourself into outer space or even an unknown world.

Think of The Net Girl as your super-hero….

We are here to guide you on your website design journey and take your business to a new level.

Tailored Website Design for Small Business - wherever you are located!

The Net Girl is a specialist in website design for small business, servicing clients all over Australia.


We are based in Kilmore, Victoria, so if you are close to any of the following areas, we can also meet with you in person – Beveridge, Broadford, Bylands, Chintin, Clonbinane, Darraweit Guim, Eden Park, Heathcote Junction, High Creek, Hidden Valley, Kilmore, Lancefield, Moranding, Pyalong, Reedy Creek, Romsey, Seymour, Springfield, Sugarloaf Creek, Sunday Creek, Tallarook, Tyaak, Upper Plenty, Wallan, Wallan East, Wandong, Waterford Park, Whittlesea, Willowmavin and Melbourne CBD & Docklands.