Terms & Conditions


1.1. Quotes are valid for a period of one (1) month from issue.

1.2. Fee/s associated with domain registration are not included within quotes unless requested by the client. If assistance is required in obtaining a domain name and registration, the client is to advise The Net Girl.

1.3. Domain renewal will be managed by the client unless the client chooses to delegate this task to The Net Girl. It is still the responsibility of the client to ensure that he/she informs The Net Girl of an impending domain registration renewal date.


2.     Project Scope

2.1. It is the client’s responsibility to provide The Net Girl with clear requirements during the project briefing. Any specific functionality requirements and specific details are to be provided during the build and review phases of the project.

2.2. It is expected that the client clarifies all requirements prior to commencement of the build phase and any minor changes during the review / User Acceptance Testing (UAT) period.

2.3. Once requirements have been outlined, any changes to the design or functionality which affects the quoted price and timelines of the project will be reviewed and quoted accordingly. Any additional work will be quoted separately and billed separately to the original quote.

2.4. The Net Girl provides a review stage for the client to review and make any changes to the design of the website post build. The scope of changes which can be made at this stage includes changes to colours, including backgrounds, change to layout of elements within the same page, images, and copy.

2.5. A UAT (User Acceptance Period) will be in effect for a period of four (4) weeks after the client website go-live date. Additional minor changes may be made during this time to copy and images.

2.6. Aside from design changes (as outlined above) changes or additional work will be quoted and billed accordingly.


3.     Payment & Refunds

3.1. The client will be invoiced for a new website build prior to the build commencing. Unfortunately we have had to implement this payment process to reduce the time spent chasing unpaid invoices. 

3.2. The Net Girl reserves all rights to refund a portion of any amount paid by customer towards the requested service, should the scope of the project change at any point prior to build.

3.3. If the client cancels the project after the initial payment has been made, and prior to work commencing, The Net Girl will refund 75% of the fee paid. If the client cancels the project after work has commenced, The Net Girl will refund according to the amount of work already completed. No refunds or adjustment to fees will be made where more than 50% of the work has been completed.

3.5. All cancellations must be received in writing via email.

3.6. All support and maintenance support packages are billed in advance, and must be paid prior to work commencing. 

3.7. For support / maintenance where the client has not subscribed to a support or maintenance package, will be charged at the ‘ad-hoc’ rate.

3.8. Where invoices are not paid within 10 days of the due date, The Net Girl will engage the Under Maintenance landing page on the website.


4.     Project Delivery

4.1. The Net Girl will not be liable for any delay in delivery which is due to changes to the project requirements or delay in supply of images, copy etc. from the client.

4.2. Content and images for the website are to be provided by the client within 2 weeks of start of build. Delay in providing the above resources is likely to delay the delivery timeframes of the project.

4.3. Whilst The Net Girl will always aim to deliver to the timeframes proposed, the client acknowledges that unforeseen circumstances may delay the build process.


5.     Maintenance and Support

5.1. After website go-live, The Net Girl will provide additional UAT support to a total of 1 hour to be used for a period of one (1) month after the website go-live for the purpose of making any basic changes or modifications to the website, set-up of email addresses (where included), and cover any training the client may require to maintain and/or update the website.

5.2. These UAT support hours apply only to aspects of the website which have been designed and developed by The Net Girl, and do not include any work required to resolve or adapt aspects of the website which have been altered by anyone other than The Net Girl.

5.3. Support provided by The Net Girl after this 1 hour period has been consumed will be billed at the standard support hour rates.

5.4. Support hour packs may be purchased by the client for use against any maintenance and support services including, update of plug-ins to website, Research and creation of content (copy) writing, Creation of marketing materials, and publishing and/or distribution, update of text including publishing blogs, sourcing and loading of images, assistance with setting up email addresses, updates to eCommerce sites including add of products, change of details etc., enhancements to websites including the addition of new pages, sections etc.

5.5. All support requests are to be made via email or phone.

5.6. Support / maintenance is billed in 15-minute increments.

5.7. On completion of the request, the total of your remaining minutes/hours will be emailed to you. Support/Maintenance hours do not expire.

5.8. Any fees for updating paid plug-ins, domain registration etc. on the website will be incurred by the client. Where tasked with updating / renewing the plug-in, domain registration etc., The Net Girl, with authorisation from the client, will make any required payments and charge the client any associated fees.


6.     Updates, Security & Backups

6.1. The Net Girl takes no responsibility for third party (including open source) components, software or products used within the client website, including SSL certificates, payment gateways, shopping carts, WordPress Platform, plug-ins etc. This includes third party policy changes, changes to the functionality provided within a plug-in, compatibility of plug-ins and how this may affect/impact the client website including where the plugin no longer provides the expected functionality or is no longer compatible with other plug-ins used within the client’s website.

6.2. The client acknowledges that plug-in functionality changes over time and may not always be compatible with the client site, or may no longer offer the functionality as expected, that any work required to replace a plug-in will be billed accordingly if still required by the client.

6.3. The Net Girl takes no responsibility for the client website back-ups (unless the client is actively subscribed to the Yearly WordPress Website Maintenance Plan). If the client choses to manage website back-ups, it is highly recommend the client takes regular back-ups of their website to avoid disruption.

6.4. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure all plug-ins and components are kept up to date. The client acknowledges that any issues occurring as a result of updating a plug-in or component of the website is their own responsibility. The Net Girl offers a subscription based site maintenance package (Yearly WordPress Website Maintenance Plan) should the client wish to delegate the task of updating plug-ins and components to The Net Girl.

6.5. The Net Girl ensures to the best of our ability that the client website, and our systems are protected however, The Net Girl will not be held liable for any disruption of services due to hackers, viruses, intruders and other online and offline problems, if these situation arise.


7.     Hosting

7.1. The Net Girl offers the first year of hosting for free as a part of the development costs.

7.2. On-going hosting fees are not included in the quotation. The fee is published on The Net Girl website and is effective from the anniversary of the site going live.

7.3. If the client wishes to arrange their own hosting provider, it is wholly the responsibility of the client to liaise with the hosting provider with regards to website down-times, configuration and technology requirements. In addition to this, The Net Girl will require full access to the hosting account / cPanel in order to build and deploy the website and for any on-going website maintenance.

7.4. The Net Girl will not be liable for any down-time, delays or errors caused by a third-party hosting provider.


8.     Other

8.1. It is the responsibility of the Client to read The Net Girl Terms and Conditions.

8.2. The client and any partner or supplier of the client will not use The Net Girl name or logo without written permission from The Net Girl.

8.3. The Net Girl owns copyright to any code written for the client.

8.4. The Net Girl provides several methods for open communication; it is expected that the client keep The Net Girl up to date with any change to communication preference and details.

8.5. Under no circumstances is The Net Girl liable for any damages or for any ‘perceived’ loss of business arising from any aspect of the client website or changes to the timeline for delivery. The Net Girl will go to all reasonable lengths to resolve issues to the client website in line with the agreed scope.

8.6. The Net Girl provides website design and build, support and maintenance services as is, without any guarantee on security or issues leading to data loss, or loss of sales or business reputation. The client indemnifies and holds The Net Girl, it’s staff, directors, contractors, sub-contractors, and any third party engaged by The Net Girl harmless from the client’s breach of any of these Terms And Conditions, policies or procedures herein, or any other terms, conditions which may be published on our website at any stage.

8.7. The client agrees that all parties as outlined above will have no liability in connection with any breach or unauthorized use, and the client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless these parties from any and all resulting loss or damage, judgments, awards, costs and expenses including legal fees.

8.8. The client will also indemnify and hold the Indemnified Parties as outlined above harmless from and against any claims brought by third parties arising out of the client’s use of any information obtained from The Net Girl.

8.9. The Net Girl reserves the right to change content of policies without prior notice.



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