AiLove Food

Catering and Cake Specialists

AiLove Food specialise in food – from catering, to food stalls.

As the local catering specialist, they offer scrumptious finger foods, buffet style spreads and custom cakes for get-togethers, parties, small gatherings, and even weddings.

The local duo focus on providing an up-beat, ‘fusion’ range of foods.


Cooking up an impressive website

AiLove Food want to get their new brand out into the market, and are appealing to the foodie in all of us.

“We can show the world what we do – when wanted to broaden our client-base and showcase our creations through our website”

And why should the world miss out on the Gastronomic Gallery of goodies that the AiLove Food team create?

We wanted to make selecting food not only easy for the customer, but a fun experience by adding a quirky dimention, and a smattering of humour.

It has certainly not been easy working with the food images we have been arranging on the website and we are sure that visitors to the website leave with anticipation of the delicious food they have ordered.  

Ready to start drooling? Head on over to the AiLove Food Website and AiLove Food webstore, but not on an empty stomach! You have been warned!